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SERI MATS yoga mats offer comfort for your body and motivation for your soul

Your environment, trainer and clothes are all important when training, but it is the training equipment that plays the most important role if you want to feel good doing your favourite exercises. For yoga and Pilates, the mat is the basis of your exercises. You need to be sure that it guarantees stability for standing positions and sufficient comfort. The SERI MATS yoga mat does this. It also has optimum absorption properties and guarantees an ergonomic use, giving good support while doing exercises which require balance or in a lying position.

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The mat material is durable and doesn’t slip; therefore, it can be used on all surfaces. Only a high-quality support allows you to perform your passion effectively.

The appearance of the Yoga mat has an inspirational effect on your exercise. This is why we offer you the freedom to customize your mat: a snapshot of your last holiday or your family smiling up at you is much more motivating than a plain and boring mat.

Naturally, we have already prepared several fantastic designs for you from which you can choose your favourite one – have a look at our design catalogue.

Whilst you are thinking about your preferred design for your next yoga mat, remember we can cut your mat to your desired shape thanks to our in-house production and huge variety of special machines.

Go to your next yoga lesson and shine with your customized yoga mat!

Our offer is dedicated to all kinds of athletes as well as fitness club owners, sport stores, hotels, independent yoga teachers and physiotherapist practices. You can provide high-quality training equipment to your customers and have an effective yet discreet promotional item.

Please find here the most important facts regarding our SERI MATS yoga mats:

It goes without saying that we comply with all EU standards and regulations. Below you can see at a glance the requirements fulfilled by our yoga mats:

  • Quality „Yoga“, thickness: 5mm
  • Individual shape, size and print
  • All-over photorealistic print or partial print of pictures, texts or logos in brilliant colours
  • Highly flexible rubber material, free of phthalates and neutral in odour
  • Resistant to sweat and saliva according to DIN 53160-1/2:2010-10
  • Tested in accordance to DIN EN ISO 11885 and 14389
  • Tested for harmful substances, produced in conformity with REACH and CE
  • Highly flexible and extremely resilient material
  • Water repellent and washable
  • Customization possible from small series of only 10 mats

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