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Whether yoga mat, gym mat, seat cushion, knee or beer bench cushions: Lie, sit and exercise on your favourite design – with SERI MATS

Create your personal mat, a mat with character – your character! Thanks to ongoing development and refinement, our printing method allows detailed customization. It is not only about selecting your preferred mat from a huge variety of designs at SERI MATS, you can also simply create your own customized mat.

You can place your favourite photo, graphic or motivating text directly on the mat. There are no limitations!

Customized mats with a logo or slogan are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to gain new and retain existing customers.

In addition to the customized print, the shape you want is also flexible – an undulating fitness mat with a beach design? Or a round sport mat with a football printed in its centre? No matter what idea you may have – we will shape the material according to your wishes. Encourage your friends, customers, employees and even yourself to workout on a favourite shape and design.

Processed by our own graphics department, the complete production is done in-house. Your requirements will be discussed and delivered without any deviations. Our sales reps will be pleased to advise you and can explain all the available possibilities we have in production. So, become a mat designer and get in touch!

Use this extraordinary product and its opportunities to present your brand, logo or personal idea – creating customer and staff loyalty in an innovative manner.

Discover our products and find your favourite mat:

Yoga mat

With a thickness of 5 millimetres, our SERI MATS yoga mat gives optimum support for yoga and Pilates. As a lot of exercises are carried out in a standing position, focussed on balance, a thin yoga mat offers distinct advantages. The thinner the support, the more stability you achieve while exercising. Despite its minimum thickness, the soft material provides sufficient comfort and perfectly adapts to your body

individuell gestaltbare Yogamatte
Yogamatte Yoga zuhause
Yogamatte, Yoga am Strand

Gym mat

For doing exercises in a lying or sitting position, it is recommended to use a thicker sport mat. Particularly when doing stomach crunches for example, it is important to protect and cushion the tailbone. With a thickness of 9mm, the SERI MATS gym mat guarantees a comfortable and ergonomic experience. It is also great for activities in your leisure time: whether in the park, at the lake or while camping – make SERI MATS your individual exercise companion.

Sportmatte Camping
Sportmatte individueller Druck
Sportmatte vollflächiger Druck

Seat cushions, knee and beer bench cushions

Our mats are not only meant for athletes or leisure time. They can be used in many other fields and provide the best possible comfort, thanks to the soft material and particular product features. Our beer bench mats give perfect support when spending some hours sitting in a beer-garden. Garden work or tinkering your car becomes much easier with our knee cushions.

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SERI MATS Sitzkissen
Yogaübungen am Strand, Yogamatte

Mats with added value – SERI MATS offer the following advantages:

  • Customized mats with your favourite design – select a design version from our huge range, or use your own photos or graphics
  • We produce your mat in the right shape and size: round, angular or the shape of your favourite design
  • Exciting and unusual gift for friends, family, customers and staff
  • With your logo on it, this stunning image and advertising medium helps to gain new customers or achieve loyalty among your existing customers and/or staff
  • Expansion of your sports programme or your company equipment
  • Unique “must have” for your exercises or your leisure time

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