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Sit, lie and do some sports right on your favourite motive – with gym mats from Digital Seri.

What about motivating your customers, staff and fans of your brand to do a workout on a sport mat with your logo or motive on it? Gym mats with personal character are as unique as you are. The mat material procures maximum comfort, customized designs with motivating texts give you the necessary support to increase your fitness level. No matter if you want to achieve highest athletic performance or just relax: do it at premium level always – in material, print and color.

Use this genuine innovation to sustainably present your logo and your brand. Create customer and staff relation in a pleasant and innovative manner.

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Sport mats with added value – your company can profit from these advantages:

  • Customized designs and all-over print
  • Attractive image and advertising media with your logo on it
  • Innovative incentive to gain new customers or achieve loyalty among your existing customers and/or staff
  • Reward for long-term customers or employees
  • Motivating gift for business partners
  • Expansion of your sports range or your company equipment

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High-quality sport mats from SERI MATS – individually printed, all-over

Whether it is about yoga, pilates, body styling, physiotherapy or your vertebral column –fitness mats can be used for different activities. In order to be as effective as possible when doing your preferred sports, it is necessary to have a gym mat which supports you during your exercises. Using a metaphor: with SERI MATS, we put at your and your customer‘s disposal an easy to handle and very motivating training partner. The high-quality material and the possibility of an all over print grant an exclusive and individually adapted fitness mat for each workout. Prints with a text message, a photo or a graphic make your mat a personal and unique experience.

You can use our individually printed mat for manifold applications. If you run a fitness club or a sports store, you can e.g. stimulate activities on the gym mat. Physiotherapists use our comfortable mats as solid base for exercises with their patients. Our sport mats are a perfect supplement to fitness programs of hotels. All other companies can use the individually customized mat as sporty gift for their customers or staff. Thus, independently from where you use these high-quality mats, their print will always convert them into a decent advertising space. Our sales reps will be pleased to advise you and show you the possibilities of our digital print. Become your own mat designer!

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What is so special about a Digital Seri gym mat?

Optimum attenuation properties give the necessary support when doing e.g. your exercises and guarantee an ergonomic use of the mat. Whether sitting or lying: the soft material will give you a comfortable feeling, because it adapts to your body.

The mat is very robust and will provide good service for many years, investing minimum effort for maintenance. Stains from sweat or other contaminations can be easily removed and won’t have any effects on the material. Even if you use your sport mat regularly, it will remain neutral in odour.

Processed through our very own graphics department, we can handle the whole production on our own. Your wishes are applied directly without detours.

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