SERI MATS Sitzkissen

Individual fields of application require an individual mat design

An amazing feature of our mats is the fact that the material can be cut in whatever shape you want and therefore offers complete flexibility depending on your requirements.

There are no limits regarding shape or size. You want something different to a yoga or gym mat? We can do that for you.

One material, numerous fields of application – discover the variety of SERI MATS:

Seat cushions

Whether you would like to make an uncomfortable place more homely or protect yourself from getting cold when sitting outside – with SERI MATS seat cushions you get both. The soft material offers a good cushion for any hard cold surface and makes sitting considerably more comfortable – especially when sitting for a long period of time. The seat cushion also reduces the cold, so attending any outdoor or cold event like football or ice hockey becomes much more enjoyable. Protection from dirt is an added bonus.


Knee cushions

When doing work in the garden – clearing the weeds, or housework in the home – cleaning the floor, we are often on our knees. Make this work easier and more comfortable by protecting your knees using our knee cushions. You can choose either a continuous mat or two small knee cushions for flexibility. You can also choose your own design and shape for this practical and comfortable product!


Beer bench mats


Flyer Beer bench cushions

Beer tent furniture is really functional. It is easy to assemble and dismantle, offers room for many people and enables a great social life. There is only one disadvantage: after a certain amount of time in a beer-garden, attending a barbecue or a festival, they can be uncomfortable.

Our SERI MATS beer bench mats are heaven-sent: Cushion your behind! It is self-understanding, that also in this field the design can be adapted to the respective occasion.

Find here the most important product specifications of our seat and knee cushions as well as our beer bench mats:

  • Quality „Yoga“ (5mm) or „Kult“ (9mm)
  • Individual shape, size and print
  • All-over photorealistic print or partial print of pictures, texts or logos in brilliant colours
  • Highly flexible rubber material, free of phthalates and neutral in odour
  • Resistent to sweat and saliva according to DIN 53160-1/2:2010-10
  • Tested in accordance to DIN EN ISO 11885 and 14389
  • Tested for harmful substances, produced in conformity with REACH and CE
  • Highly flexible and extremely resilient material
  • Water repellent and washable

SERI MATS Specials Designkatalog

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