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Putting the highest grade of customization, SERI MATS turns a fitness mat into YOUR fitness mat.

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SERI MATS – for sports enthusiasts and individualists.

Being an entrepreneur, you are always focussed on offering highest quality to your customers and business partners. Our individually customized sport mats can be used as high-quality training equipment, creative gift or innovative advertising space. Discover SERI MATS and use our gym mats to expand your sports programme, express your appreciation towards your employees, customers and business partners and take benefit from this pleasant way to advertise: digitally printed mats designed with your favourite motive.

Stable standing and safety during the exercises are important when using a gym mat. Thus, it is necessary to have a robust and non-slipping material, which offers a good base on any underground. Depending on the type of sports, the mat should offer either more comfort or more stability. A yoga mat is supposed to be quite thin for good balance. When doing some workout for belly, legs and seat, the gym mat should above all be comfortable. For these decisive basic requirements, with SERI MATS you have the choice between 9 mm thin mat type “Kult” and “KultPlus” with 12 mm thickness. Both gages guarantee ideal attenuation properties and allow optimum ergonomic use. Besides, the resilient material ensures that even under heavy stress the mat doesn’t show any signs of wear and remains neutral in odour. You will be happy for a long time with your new fitness mat! This training accessory motivates your customers, but also your employees and business partners to peak performance.

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With our gym mats you do good to your customers and at the same time good to yourself as an entrepreneur: the possibility to customize them with an all-over print qualifies them as advertising space.

Whether you run a fitness club, a sports store, a hotel or a practice: we make sure that you provide a high-quality training accessory to your customers. These valuable fitness mats activate the sporting spirit and attract as reward at the same time. Many sportspeople emphasis on their own sports equipment, thus fitness studios can also sell gym mats. Doing so, you can offer an additional exclusive product to your members and at the same time increase sales.

Thanks to the individual design which is directly related to your company, the fitness mats are to be understood as perfect promotional item. Companies use them to please their customers and partners, to keep in touch and to build loyalty. Independently from company size or brand – SERI MATS are an innovative giveaway offering a lot of space for your message. Print your logo, claim or slogan on an advertising space which otherwise wouldn’t be used. The customized sport mats can be used as additional marketing initiative and mean a strong recognition factor of your corporate image among your customers. Of course, our digitally printed mats are ideal for gaining new customers for your company.

Wir durften bereits mit Firmen und Fitness Coaches zusammenarbeiten und freuen uns über die durchweg positiven Rückmeldungen! In der Rubrik Testimonials können Sie gerne nachlesen, wie unsere fotorealistischen Trainings-matten ankommen und natürlich auch, wie diese optisch gestaltet wurden.

We have already prepared some design propositions in order to give you an idea of how an individually printed gym mat could look like.

Find the most important product specifications related to our SERI MATS here, at a glance:

Being your partner for high-quality fitness mats, it goes without saying that we comply with standards and EU regulations. The below list gives you an overview of which requirements our sports mats fulfil as well as other important properties.

  • Type „Kult“ (9 mm) or „KultPlus“ (12 mm)
  • Length: 1.800 mm, width: 650 mm
  • Foto-realistic print
  • Resistent to sweat and saliva according to DIN 53160-1/2:2010-10
  • Produced in conformity with CE
  • Tested in accordance to DIN EN ISO 11885 and 14389
  • Tested for harmful substances, REACH conformity
  • Highly flexible and extremely resilient material
  • Water repellent
  • Washable

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