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With the highest grade of customization, SERI MATS turns a gym mat into YOUR gym mat

Whether in a fitness club, during a workout at home or doing physiotherapist exercises to strengthen your back and core – sport mats are used for many activities and in various places. This is why we offer fitness mats to all amateur athletes, professionals and company owners. The SERI MATS sport mats cater for many different types of sport that can be executed effectively and safely using the mat, yet look great and are completely unique. Guaranteed to you, our customers, due to the unlimited number of shapes and designs.

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Look out, dear entrepreneurs: not only can our individually customized sport mats be used as high-quality training equipment for your customers and employees, they are great as a creative or corporate gift and innovative advertising space. Discover our SERI MATS to expand your sports programme, express your appreciation towards your employees, customers and business partners and take benefit from this unique way to advertise: digitally printed mats designed with your favourite shape and graphic or photo. Start getting creative! Our graphics department and production plant wait in the wings and look forward to your ideas.

Discover the fanciful designs of our gym mats in our picture gallery:

Depending on the type of sport, the mat has to provide stability and comfort. A yoga mat is supposed to be quite thin in order to achieve a balance. When doing a workout for legs, bums and tums, the fitness mat should above all be comfortable and keep warm when sitting on the floor for a long period of time. For these important basic conditions, SERI MATS offers you the option to choose between the thinner type Yoga (5 mm) and the thicker type Kult (9 mm).

With SERI MATS, we give you an easy to use and motivating training partner. The soft mat provides maximum comfort for each activity: perfect for top athletic performance. High-quality material and the possibility to put an all over print design give you an exclusive and individually created gym mat for your workouts.

Make your mat a personal and unique experience printing a text message, photo or graphic.

What is so special about our gym mat?

  • Quality „Kult“, thickness: 9mm
  • Individual shape, size and print
  • All-over photorealistic print or partial print of pictures, texts or logos in brilliant colours
  • Highly flexible rubber material
  • Resistant to sweat and saliva according to DIN 53160-1/2:2010-10
  • Tested in accordance to DIN EN ISO 11885 and 14389
  • Tested for harmful substances, produced in conformity with REACH and CE
  • Highly flexible and extremely resilient material
  • Water repellent and washable

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